How to Speed Up Your Internet Browser With SpeedyFox

Does launching Firefox or Chrome take longer than usual? Then, give SpeedyFox a go and let it optimize these programs for you. This software will speed up Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Skype and Other apps with SpeedyFox. Well this article will show How to Speed Up Your Internet Browser With SpeedyFox.

What is SpeedyFox?

SpeedyFox is a small program that optimizes the profile data for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Skype, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Optimizing the profile data speeds up the startup of these applications and reduces the amount of hard drive space the profile data takes up. Interested? You can download a copy from the official website.

How does SpeedyFox work?

First, a quick lesson about how the programs SpeedyFox optimizes store their profile data. We will use Firefox as an example. Each user has their own profile in Firefox. Firefox stores the user’s bookmarks, settings, and history in separate SQLite databases.
Consider the database that stores a user’s bookmarks. Now as time passes, a user will most definitely add new bookmarks and remove old ones. Given the changing nature of the internet, it’s quite possible a user will edit existing bookmarks to reflect changes in a site’s URL address. As all of these changes happen, the database storing the bookmarks will get fragmented.
A fragmented database is not a happy database. The fragmentation in the databases will slow down the applications that use the corresponding profile data. For example, every time the user views his or her bookmarks in Firefox, it will take longer to retrieve them from the database because the data is scattered across the database. You may have noticed this delay yourself as you use Firefox or Chrome.
This is where SpeedyFox comes to the rescue. Speedyfox will optimize and defragment the SQLite databases that store the profile data. For the technically inclined, SpeedyFox runs the VACUUM command for the optimization. Doing so rebuilds the target database, thereby defragmenting it and eliminating any unused pages in the database.


How to use SpeedyFox?

1. Simply launch the program.
2. Select the profiles of the applications that you want to optimize. Make sure the corresponding applications are closed because SpeedyFox will not be able to optimize them while they are still in use.
3. Click on the Optimize button.
4. You will see a log of the SQLite databases SpeedyFox optimizes and a summary of how much more compact they are after optimization.
Now you can open back your application (Firefox, Chrome, Skype, etc.). You should notice a slight decrease in the startup time and a shorter delay when accessing your data.

Don’t expect SpeedyFox to do miracles. The amount of speedup depends on how long you have been using your profile since the last optimization (or when you last did a fresh install if you have never optimized your profile data). The longer you have used your profile, the more likely you would have made changes that led to an inefficient database. So, don’t forget to optimize your profile data every now and then with SpeedyFox to keep your applications running smoothly. You are exploring How to Speed Up Your Internet Browser With SpeedyFox. Thank you.

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